Monday, April 1, 2013

Staying Healthy While Traveling List Hopping for Health 4/1

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This past week we enjoyed the Sunny, I mean rainy, state of Florida!  Actually I you grew up in Florida, so I know it rains practically all year long.  I was actually a little surprised with how much it rained while we were visiting, but we still had a blast! 

On this week’s Hopping for Health I wanted to share was my list for items while traveling.  These are all things I never leave home without and how we eat on vacation. 
  •  Organic Soap- I will be using organic essential oil Dr. Bronner's Bar of Soap for this trip.  I know that sometimes it’s nice to see what the hotels offer you, but we are a green family that cares about what we put on our bodies and what then goes into the water.  It's only a week, but we want to nourish our bodies and not strip it from chemicals, fragrances, and toxins.  Just for the trip I use the liquid lavender soap as shampoo.
  • Digestion Tea- This is something I take on all Trips!  You’re traveling and things might get backed up from traveling or the type of food you are eating.  To avoid any undue stress on my digestion and keep things running smoothly, I will have my tea bag on hand if needed.  The idea is to eat clean the entire trip, but just in case I will be ready.  
  • Healing Balm-It always happens, someone has to fall, scrap something, cut something, or get a bug bite.  I will be ready with my trusting healing balm that cleans and soothe all skin irritations.  We used this a few times J
  • Sleeping Balm- While at hotels, it always takes us a few days to get comfortable and able to sleep in a new place.  I want to make sure everyone get a calming night sleep, so we will be using the sleeping balm right away.  This always is a great item to carry and home at home.
    Vitamin C- Since we traveled by plane, a germ infested incubator; we took extra Vitamin C and will made sure to take it during the trip.  This gave our immune system a little boost to stay protected.
  • Sunscreen- This is a must have.  We went to adventure parks, the beach, the pool, and needed to make sure our skin is protected all day.  The Sunscreen will need to be a natural non chemical one as well.
  • Hats- Even though we will have Sunscreen on, the extra protection will be need on days that we out all day long.  This is something I have forgotten in the past and then we waste money on tourist hats.  I was ever so happy to have these, we carried them with us everywhere and they protected us from Sun and Rain.
  • Bring your Water Bottles.  We do not want to buy plastic bottles there so we brought our everyday water bottles.  This kept us from wasting and supporting plastics.  It’s important to make sure you drink enough water while traveling.  After being on the plane you naturally get dehydrates ad it’s important to rehydrate.  
  • We booked a room with a fully stocked kitchen.  This was important to me because we have a very clean diet and I don't want us be bogged down with a week of convenience, fast food, and processed foods.  I am happy we have a fridge and oven, this way we made our lunches, dinners, and breakfasts.  The first things we are did after our check in, was head to the grocery store.   The food we purchased for breakfast, lunches, and the occasional dinner was the cheaper than one lunch at Disney! 
    While it is fun to go to restaurants and be served and have nothing to clean up after, the effects of this experience can be a health set back.  Often you are not sure the quality of food used in your meals, and we like to eat Organic and GMO free.  The best way to stay on this lifestyle is forget the convenience and make it ourselves.  When we did eat out I was sure to pick refreshing salads, light on sauces and dressings, and smaller portion meals.  I was so surprised how BIG most regular meals are.  We had thought that we would eat at some of the adventure parks while out, but I packed veggies, fruits, and protein bars for myself.  I did not like the selection of foods offered and really disliked the price of these "park foods". 



  1. These are some great tips! I never really thought of a lot of these!

  2. Water bottles, glass straws, and love Dr Bronners! I love that they have travel size soaps too and balms in tins.

  3. great list! i need to get some balms to carry with us

  4. Love every single thing on the list!! Definitely useful on any vacation trip!