Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buying Local Green Tip #5

Green Tip #5
 Buy Local whenever possible!

Almost every city has Farmers Markets and Stands.  They may be a hidden treasure but seek them out, and they are a wonderful find.  When you buy locally you are supporting the local economy and supporting farmers.
Why is it important to buy from your local farmers?  When we purchase in super markets, sometimes the food has traveled from out of state, if not from other countries.  The carbon foot-printing that takes place from air travel, ships, and trucks takes a toile on the environment in resources and pollution.  This carbon foot-printing drives up the cost of the food you are buying. The reason the food is so expensive is because they have to pay for the shipping and handling of that item.  Also, think about the freshness of something picked and shipped for days, then get to your town.  They usually have to cover the produce in a wax to keep it from spoiling too fast. This wax seals in the chemicals making it impossible to remove.  If you use local farmers, you know your fruit is fresh, did not have to travel far, and has been harvested that week.  Farmers do use pesticides and herbicides, but you can find the organic growers as well.  Over all, when you buy locally, you use fewer resources, and it is cheaper on your wallet.

Continue reading on why you should support your local Farmer on my contributor post.

When shopping Farmers Markets you can find produce, breads, cheeses, meats, milks, spices, and more.  The items are fresher than being shipped and they did not have a carbon foot printing  like some shipped items do.

Wondering where one is near you?
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  1. I wish it was easier for me to buy local. I'm sure many people say that. I do it when I can but that's not always!

  2. I love supporting local when I can. But I really like it when we grow it all in our garden.

  3. I miss my old towns Farmer's Market, the one where I live now is not worth the drive. Farmer's Markets are full of treasures.

  4. I am so ready to start getting stuff from my local CSA, fresh veggies weekly!

  5. Thanks for the link! I have had a hard time finding a good farmer's market here. The thing is, I know there are some great ones! I live in a farm-rich area, but some of the farmer's markets I've been to are basically small business expos that don't actually have any produce.

  6. Thanks for the insights, and the great link! I've started using a folding grocery cart and walking to the store. Saves one more trip in the car!