Saturday, April 6, 2013

Looking for a Gorgeous ECO Shirt This Summer?

I have another great ECO friendly company for you.  Enjoy Karma is a Eco Boutique that you can shop by your Cause.  Whether you want to buy Organic, ECO, USA Made, one of a kind, and more you can find great prices and companies you can be proud to support.

Enjoy Karma sent me one of their new lines of summer clothing.  This is the Luna Claire Peggy Fair Trade Tank.  I absolutely love the light weight material making it easy and comfortable to wear, even in hot and humid temperatures. 
"Are you looking for a fun and comfortable tank top for the nice weather? The peggy tank has the perfect mix between casual comfort and style. You could wear it for so many occasions. The back straps have a cross detail and along the bottom there is ties that bring another unique piece to this tank. This tank is made in Tailand under fair trade practices and environment."~~Enjoy Karma

I have really enjoyed wearing my new tank so much!  The black strip at the bottom can be worn longer pulled over your hips, or higher for your style comfort.  I have worn this tank with jeans and dressed it up to volunteer at the school with black pants and a light cotton jacket.  This weekend I plane on wearing it with a pair of jean shorts for a very relaxed and comfortable look.  We are going to be at the Gym for a few hours while my daughter practices for her upcoming Gymnastic meet.  The tank has a soft silky feel, not stiff, making it comfortable for everyday use and dressing it up for special occasions.  Even though the tank is gorgeous, I love that the shirt was made under fair trade practices and with concern for the environment. 

Everything we do in processing and manufacturing our clothing affects the environment and our bodies.  Companies making fashionable clothing with the lease amount of impact on the environment are what I am supporting. 

Why do I support ECO clothing? 
It is important to be thoughtful of the products you purchase and put on your body.  So often clothing has been treated and processed with toxic chemicals in the growing, processing, and/or manufacturing of that product.  These toxins then get on our skins and cause allergies, reactions, and travel through the skin into our body.  Not to mention the run off of these chemicals getting in the land and water as they are manufactured, harming the environment.  Those chemicals then get in our drinking water and food.  What can we do?  Look for ECO companies that care about their impact. 
Enjoy Karmas Shop By
This adorable Eco Tank is $36.  While you're their check out the other lines because shipping is FREE with $50 purchases.  See my Zand Skirt Review here.


  1. That shirt is absolutely gorgeous. I've never thought about eco-friendly clothing. It makes me glad that there are so many choices available now.

  2. I'm slowly coming around to being more conscious of the world around me. I never really thought about chemicals in my clothes. This does look really nice and flexible! Really beautiful to realize you're doing something good while supporting a better world!

  3. I love organic clothing...they have really cute designs! I love the skirt! Thanks for sharing - new company for me....pinned and shared!

  4. What a cute top in the pic! I too, never thought about what goes into making a shirt - thank you for sharing about their Organic clothing items!