Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Spatty and Spatty Daddy Review

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 

We have all been there when something we need is at the very bottom of a container with no way to scrap it out.  Say it’s the very last ounce of mayo that you need for that sandwich and no butter knife or spoon can get it out.  Well, there is something and it works pretty good.  The Spatty, is a super cool invention that does just that.  It has a rubber end that scraps out every last bit of shampoo, foundation, mayo, or even peanut better. 

The very first day it arrived my daughter informed me that we were out of shampoo, well now that was an opportunity and a challenge!  I grabbed the larger Spatty, since this was a Costco size shampoo, and started scraping the sides and bottom.  I was able to collect a ¼ cup of shampoo, and that is a lot of shampoo!  This is money I would have just been throwing away and The Spatty was easy to use and made getting to what I needed easier, no more money wasted.

Since then I have been using my small and larger Spatty for makeup, condiments, pretty much anything that holds the last few ounces of products that I can’t reach.  The other day I was able to scrap my peanut butter jar clean getting the last possible spread for sandwiches.  I mean it’s a waste to thrown anything that can be used away, right?  Plus, I recycle my glass jars and The Spatty cleaned everything up so that I just have to wipe it down.  Have you ever tried to wash your peanut butter jar?  It’s not easy and the cleanup was much easier this time sine there was less peanut butter in the jar. 

The Spatty was designed by a mom who was sick of wasting money on her makeup, throwing lots away because she could not get to the bottom of the container.  Think about how expensive makeup can be and the last few ounces just get thrown away?  Well, she went to her kitchen and invented The Spatty from for baking scraper to make a smaller one to fit into her smaller makeup containers, and The Spatty was born.

Check out her video here.
This is a great tool to help you save money and waste less.
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