Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Herbal Bath Bag Greener and More Natural Body Care Green Tip #4

Green Tip #4 
Greener and More Natural Body Care.

Herbal Bath Bag
2 tbsp. of Lavender and Chamomile
1 tbsp. of Raspberry leaves
1 tbsp. Comfrey leave
1 tbsp. Ground oatmeal
muslin tea bags (optional see greener option below)

Place herbs and oatmeal in center of muslin bag.  This makes enough for several bags.  Make sure bag is completely close then you can just throw into bath as water is running.

The herbal bath bag helps to soften and soothes skin with an extremely awesome scent.  It is important to reduce the amount of chemicals we put on and in our bodies.  Our skin is our largest organ and everything is absorbed through it.  This is a delightful and aromatic way to relax and rejuvenate minus the chemical overload in most commercial products. 

Don't forget that Mother's Day is right around the corner, make some to share with Family and Friends, and help us reduce the chemical dependence we have acquired due to commercial consumption.  A Greener life is easier than you think. 

For those that have Libre Tea Glasses, you can skip the muslin bags and steep your herbs before bath time and add when in.  I will usually steep for 20 minutes to make it nice and strong.  No waste of bags and all the benefits!  You can also make this mixture and store in a glass jar with lid and just scoop out into your Libra Glass.  LibreTea Website

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