Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Earth Day all Month Long Green Tip #2

Green Tip #2
Greening Your Kitchen

Pack Lunches in Reusable Containers
The amount of packing used for lunches and meals on the go is upsetting.  Help us reduce by starting today to use only reusable containers like bento boxes, reusable sandwich bags, and reusable liquid containers.  These should be "BPA FREE" and I always recommend "Made in the USA".  Why not support Local? 
This small step alone can make a HUGE difference in the environment.  You will be buying and throwing away less while saving money.  2012 was the year we made all our lunch packing green and clean.  If you are a large family, I recommend buying in small amounts to stock pile your lunch packing items.  You can start now for the next school year and your own Lunches.

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  1. These are wonderful green tips. Great for me to add for my boys lunch during the week for school.

  2. Love and use reusit. Fantastic way to get going green!

  3. My son loves when I pack his lunch, and we always just use containers we can reuse!

  4. I love reusable lunch boxes and bags. Much better for the environment and cheaper in the long run.

  5. Great green tips!!! We use things like this for our kids' lunches too!

  6. Thank you for the post. Great reminder to myself to use reusable containers more and ziplocks less.