Sunday, April 21, 2013

No Weight Training This Week

With the change in seasons I have to change my fitness routine.  The Arizona heat is too much in the afternoon and I can't make my 6-10 mile runs now.  So to stay active I am taking the advice of my fitness trainer and friend.  I will still do a few short runs, but will mainly focus on resistance and circuit training; this will burn fat and tone.  I have misplaced my hand weights so I am focusing on no weight routines that use my own body with resistance.  There are lots of routines and workouts you can do without equipment, get organized and get started.

This week's fitness Workout Routine
I am a huge fan of Beach Body workouts.  I have finished the P90X and the Brazilian Booty Workouts.  So I have mixed up a few of my favorite workouts to work on my trouble areas. 
Monday:  Bum Bum DVD, then an arms and abs switching circuit workout.
Tuesday:  Cardio Axe, Run 3 miles
Wednesday:  Bum Bum, Laurens Pushup routine (below)
Thursday:  Upper Cuts and abs, Run 3 miles
Friday:  Cardio axe, Laurens
Saturday:  P90X Yoga
Sunday: Upper Cuts and Yoga abs workout

PLUS:  Just as of this weekend, I am starting Ryan Cowboy Ehman "Cowboy Boot Camp Workouts".  I am just starting to get the emails and will be doing the 12 workouts to let you know what it's all about.  Something I am doing that he suggests so far, is to do a daily morning and night time routine of sit-ups, pushups, and squats.  I will post more on this latter.

Say you don't have a Gym Membership and you don't have equipment?  Not having home equipment should not stop you.  NO excuses!!  If you want the body you imagine, than you have to work for it.  While this will not come free I have some free guides for you.

As mentioned above, things are getting hotter, so remember to increase you water intake, snack on foods with water like celery, cucumbers, carrots, and remember to stretch.  I like to do a morning yoga and night time yoga routine that calms my body. 

A couple Free Things for you!

Laurens Fitness Free Book Download of 34 workouts you can do at home. Free Mini Course

No Equipment? No Excuses: 20 Exercises You Can Do At Home

Joe at Reboot, have a low/ high intensity workout, and a jog run program.

I hope these will be of help to you as I have used a few of these to start planning my own personal Daily program. 


  1. My husband also loves the beach body workouts, our local library has they for checkout! Completely free to keep exercise interesting

  2. Great ideas and Beach Body sounds good.

  3. What great ideas! I have been using that excuse...not having the equipment or a gym membership... Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's a good idea to plan out your workout for the week. I never thought to do that.

  5. You are right that not having a gym membership is not an excuse! I run a lot and then also bike.

  6. having work out is really a great one

  7. I am going to try these instructions. I am hoping that there will be a positive result for me. Thanks for these tips.