Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Mind Can Be A Powerful Tool

The Mind can be a powerful tool. 
Using your mind to gain better health with emotional Wellness
Use mental images.  When I am running I see myself taking easy breaths, I see myself finishing strong and happy, and I see everything around me as a gift of Nature.  If I was to see myself struggling, gasping for breath, tired, and sore I would have a more difficult run.  The same can be true for stressful situations.  If you see yourself getting frustrated, angry, losing your will.  When I am getting frustrated with everyday events, I take deep breaths, see myself happy, and handling all my tasks with a smile.  I give myself a visual goal and believe me this works!  Avoid negative self-talk.  If you tell yourself "I am too tired to work out", "I am too sick", "I can't do that", than you will lock those visions into your mental subconscious and you will be what you claim.

Be confident in the power your mind has on you to hasten healing, improve health, enjoy healthy eating, and all everyday activities.  If you think positively towards your healthy eating changes you will look forward to that meal and make your goals more obtainable.  When Cancer patients believe in their healing, they give themselves the "power" to heal.  This has been very success for those in recession and moving forward towards a longer healthier life.

Take a few minutes each day to practice a mental relaxation.  Think of this as a way to talk to your body, change behaviors, and promote healing.  As you become more comfortable using your mind you can see things you want to change in the past, the future, and the present.  If you believe you can make healthier choices, walk longer distances, and have the will power to cut the negative habits in your life, you will.  Take deep breaths and feel your body getting stronger, healthier, and happier.  You can use a Mantra like this.  "I am getting healthier and stronger everyday".  As you do this you become a more powerful positive person.  You will know you can tackle problems, beat back obstacles, and succeed.

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