Saturday, April 6, 2013

Enjoy Karma is Turning Heads with ECO Fashion

Why do I support ECO clothing? 
It is important to be thoughtful of the products you purchase and put on your body.  So often clothing has been treated and processed with toxic chemicals in the growing, processing, and/or manufacturing of that product.  These toxins then get on our skins and cause allergies, reactions, and travel through the skin into our body.  Not to mention the run off of these chemicals getting in the land and water as they are manufactured, harming the environment.  What can we do? 
Look for ECO companies that care about their impact. 
How to know if a company ECO friendly?
You will know by their efforts to protect the Earth and its Resources.  I look to see if they mention how they take steps to conserve natural resources like water and energy.  Then I see how they take steps in preventing pollutants in the water, land, and air when they process and manufacture the clothing.  You can usually find this information in their mission statements and about the company.

In celebration of Earth Day I want to share one of my special finds.  Enjoy Karma contacted me to review a couple pieces from their new line, and I gladly said yes.  They have a wonderful store that you can shop by Category, Cause, Brand, and New Arrivals.  I love the ECO line with great prices, sales, and new items added often.  I think it is very import to think about what companies we support when we buy products.  Are their products harmful to the environment, or are they companies that care and help preserve and protect. 
Enjoy Karma is a boutique that carries many companies that care about the Earth and make a Neck Turning Fashion.  No matter what you are looking for you can find ECO jewelry, hats, scarf's, pants, jeans, purses, dresses, skirts, tops, wraps, and more.  
Here is one of the pieces Enjoy Karma sent me to review.  The skirt is of the ECO Line and through Zand Amsterdam. 
"The Anna Zand Skirt is a one size reversible wrap skirt with snaps for closure that can fit a size 0 to 12. The skirts are proudly handmade under fair trade conditions in India by local artisans who get paid 3 times as much as the average tailor gets paid.  These are “hip and unique skirts for hip and unique women” and have become extremely popular across Europe." See Line Here 


In this picture you can see the purse that is detachable and can be added to either side of the reversible skirt.  The two pictures on the right show side A and side B of the skirt.  The top print of the skirt is actually detachable too.  It can be zippered off to be a belt as a nice addition to long shirts or dresses.  You can see an example in below collage.  The purse has two deep pockets that zip close and inside the purse is a long corded strap to ware the purse separate from the wrap skirt, if you choose too.  The purse is very light weight and wears on the skirt comfortably.  This skirt is one of the short varieties.  Each skirt is hand made with leftover scraps from previous lines, so nothing gets wasted!  That said, each skirt is a unique piece that will not be exactly like any other. 

In this collage I wanted to show how the skirt can be worn over yoga pants or by its self.  With the many colors in the skirts it's easy to find coordinating shorts and pants to add to existing outfits.  As you can see there are limitless possibilities to a fun vibrate skirt as these. 

I am no fashion blogger, but I know what I like.  I like clothing that is good for my body, good for the environments, and functional.  Enjoy Karma helps with all my demands and helps me turn heads doing it.  I have had so many friends say what a beautiful and great looking skirt this is, and I get two skirts for the price of one. 

Skirts - reversible
Purse - detaches to ware on both sides, and strap to ware separately, can even be attached to your Jeans
Belt - reversible and can be worn with other outfits for a fun new look

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