Sunday, March 31, 2013

Green Tip #1 Celebrating Earth Day all Month Long

Going Green Tip #1
Green your Kitchen!
  • When purchasing groceries look for foods with no pesticides and as minimally processed as possible.  This is easily done by looking for anything with the USDA Organic Label.   
  • Get your items Naked, this means with as little packaging as possible.  Look for items in bulk and lose to add to your containers at home.  While I recycle all my plastics and cardboard boxes, I like to still try to decrease even purchasing items packaged that way.  Every little bit helps!
When foods are processed a lot of nutrients are destroyed making it a dead food.  While those foods are processed they are also increasing unnecessary waste to the environment.  Think of increasing nutritious raw fruits and vegetables and picking them up with green packaging.
I use green produce shopping bags from reuseit.

Be sure to come back everyday to see the next Green tip of the day.  Also, enter The Pitch List Earth Day Giveaway!

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