Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A reduction in poultry inspectors increasing BAD birds?

According to Homeland Security News Wire, there will be!
The federal government has come up with a new proposal to examine chickens for contaminates and diseases, and the proposal has some people concerned and others outright scared; the proposal would reduce the number USDA food safety inspectors at poultry plants from four to one – and rely on plant’s employees to do safety inspections instead.~~USDA’s proposed chicken safety inspection policy could mean trouble for consumers..Homeland Security News wire. 

This change can increase production lines up to 25%.  This is great for the companies but will it be bad for us?   They inspectors are suppose to be catching any bad birds.  If only one is there how likely are they to miss something?  This increase in production might possibly increase the chances of bad birds getting through and on YOUR table! 

AJC had this to say about playing chicken on food safety. 
  • How it works now
  • Going by in a blur
  • Reassurance from industry
  • 'Phoning it in'
  • 10 years of salmonella outbreaks
  • 5 years of individual cases
I know that I try to stress the importance of an Organic lifestyle, and some people say it is just too expensive.  I totally understand that, but I also see this and wonder why not take the expense out of other areas to make it more affordable.   I have found for myself that we just get really creative with our meals and reduce the amount of meat products.  We eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals that taste great and meet our protein needs.  Do I like chicken, beef, lamb, and others?  YES!  It is just that I dislike the handling of our food productions.  It has become a, what can I get by with the cheapest means type of society, and we are the ones hit with the fallout.

I think that my non GMO, no additive, no processed, organic diet may seam limited to others, but I love how I feel and that my kids are healthy and thriving.  We still have some of these foods on occasions when we eat in restaurants, parties, social gathering, and the like, but it is far and between.  I like that my kids know what are healthy foods and what are not.  I am trying to give them an inheritance of health, and not diseased engineered foods. 

What are your thought on this decrease in inspected poultry?  Do you see this as a possible problem considering the amounts of bad foods that pass with the current amount of inspectors? Are you thinking about adding a few more meatless meals to the menu?  I know Vegan is looking pretty good to me right now, organic produce is a lot more affordable than animal products. 
Disclosure:  I am not paid for my reviews.  These are my thoughts and opinions that I share to help others know about companies and products I am Passionate about. 


  1. Exactly why I hope to have my own chickens soon. Only thing in the way is that we are moving soon. I hope next year!

    1. Go for you! I am not able to have my own chicken, but thinking about asking a friend who has chicken s a property to hold and care for a few for me. I would gladly pay her instead of the markets. If this continues I might have to seriously think about keeping our own as well.

  2. There are a myriad of issues with our food supply, thanks for bringing this up. Each family (mom) has to weigh what is most important to her family and really be as alert and informed as possible on food, where it comes from, and how it has been produced.

  3. When it comes to meat we mainly eat poultry and this news worries me. I do see this a a potential problem. Vegan is looking pretty good to me right now too!

  4. That is troubling news. We use to buy as much as we could directly from local farmers and CSAs. In recent years - due to caregiving for my parents - I moved away from that out of convenience and limited time. I need to revisit how I use to shop and what I prepare for my family after reading your post. Thank you for letting us know about that.