Friday, August 24, 2012

Sodee Naturals Review, with coupon code

Everyone knows that I love using natural, nontoxic, and chemical free soaps.  It is so important to reduce the toxins that we put on our body.  Everything we put on our skin with soaps, lotions, and makeup gets absorbed into the body.  Your skin is an organ and needs to be keep clean and detoxed.

Sodee Naturals has a great line of natural toxic free soaps, lotions, and makeup!
About the company...
  We have been custom manufacturing natural body products for 13 years.  We are a family run company. We have always taken joy in creating products that not only smell great, but really serve a purpose.  We keep up on the newest oils and plant actives to search for great ingredients to enhance our products.  We gave some of our body butters to a friend with eczema.  While they helped and were appreciated one day we gave him a jar of a stretch mark cream we had made for our daughter. Wow, that worked even better. With that in mind, we went to work using some of natures best aids for eczema to enhance the cream and voila, the eczema creams were born. Since not all people with eczema have exactly the same issues, it also evolved into four different versions, trying to help as many different people as we could.  Hopefully if you suffer from eczema, we have one that might suit you. We are always willing to send out samples to help you decide which is best for you. Just go to our contact page.~~Sodee Naturals.

I was sent a variety from their Sample Pack.  

Love My Hair Shampoo Bar
Want to love your hair? Emu oil is not only hydrating, but it repairs damaged hair. With Jojoba, they make the perfect match. You will definetly fall in love with this bar.  2.29 oz.
Pomegranate Hair Conditioning Bar
A Pomegranate fragranced Condioner to match our Amla Hair Builder Shampoo Bar.

Tropical Breeze Body Butter
Sweet coconut and sugary almond dance in the breeze. This creamy combination is a crowd pleaser.  4 oz.

Sea Salt Soap
Sea Salt soap is a delightful mix of shea butter, Olive Oil, and Coconut with the added benifits of salt. This bar is rich and creamy with
lots of sudsing.  It is a favorite among our customers who suffer from eczema as well as teens with acne. The salt is a natural antibacterial and the rich
oils keep your skin feeling moisturized. This is a must have for every household. It is just a pure and simple delight.  Each bar approx. 3.5 oz.
I Loved my experience!  I have tried a few different shampoo bars that never worked for me.  Every person is different with different pH, textures, and climates.  Here is Arizona we have dry weather, which can be hard on you skin and hair.  When you use a natural and/or organic soap you can clean your body with out all the additives, perfumes, and chemicals.  Then your body can regulate its oils and pH.  Using the Love my hair soap, was great!  My hair was clean ans soft.  I did not have the tangles and pulling that I have gotten from other Shampoo bars.  
The Pomegranate Conditioning Bar smelled amazing and was just right for my hair.  
I used the Tropical Breeze Body butter which went on my skin great with no residue or heavy felling.  The scent was gentle and very relaxing.
The Sea Salt Soap worked great on my skin as well.  My skin felt clean and nourished.

Sodee Natural Products                                                         
 You can order the Sample pack to try a variety as well.  You get full sizes and you pick the type that sounds right for your hair and skin.  Grand Sample Box {with free shipping!}  Quick and easy shopping! Our "Grand Sample Pack" offers a selection of our top selling products! Price: $38.00 Retail: $49.00
Sodee Naturals is giving my readers a 15% discount on your order!
Sodee Naturals Coupon Code - "Kelley" 

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