Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Klutch Club Review, Monthly Wellness Delivered to Your Door.

I love to try new products that encourage health and wellness.  Klutch Club is an wonderful company that centers around just that! 

I received the July's Box which has a great assortment of goodies.  The box comes right to your door with items from food, drinks,exercise material, subscriptions, and much more.

What I received....
CasCal Fermented Soda Drink
1st Step B12 energy drink
Mighty Leaf tea bags
Nia fitness subscription ($50 value)
Mineral hygienics Gift certificate
The Breton Gourmet Cookies
Zoye Oils
Truvia samples
Molecular- natural emulsifier

Everyone knows how much I love teas.  I had not tried Mighty Leaf teas yet, and was pleasantly surprised.  I was sent 3 tea bags Green Tea Tropical, Chamomile Citrus, and Organic Earl Grey.  All three were delicious!  I had the Chamomile Citrus before bed one evening, and the taste was amazing.  As you can see in the tea bag it has plenty of chamomile flowers but also a variety of chunky tea goodness. This was a zingy tasty tea.  The Early Grey was a hit with my son.  Every afternoon when the kids comes home from school we have tea.  This is when we drop everything, unwind, and talk about our day, good and bad. Michael loved the Earl Grey and he tried the Truvia as well.  He said that the Truvia natural sweetener had a great taste.  A few days later I had the Green Tea Tropical while volunteering at the school.  This was a natural pick me up of energy and taste.  This tea was very refreshing and I had to order more!  This is what I love about the Klutch club is that you try things that allow you to know what you like.  I had never heard of Mighty Leaf, and they are now one of my favorite tea companies.  They are also very affordable! 

My next item in the box was the CasCal Fermented soda.  I usually do not like drinking out of any metal cans, so I was a little turned off right away.  Since I did agree to try everything in the box, I did drink it.  Besides the fact that it is metal, it was a delicious beverage.  It had a delightful mango tropical taste.  While it tasted very nice, when I went to the website to learn more about it, I found they only carry cans.  This hindered me from ordering from this company in the future. 
Here are a few features of this soda.
  • Deliciously bubbly soda
  • Fermented for a unique and sophisticated taste
  • No sugars other than those from fruit juice
  • Crafted with natural juices
  • 60-80 calories per can
  • No caffeine
  • Gluten free
I was able to order some new powder makeup from Mineral Hyguenics.  This was a completely natural powder with only four ingredients!  This was very light and comfortable for my skin.  This was absolutely perfect for enjoying during this hot summer months!  This is a gift card for $15 to use for anything on the site or to try their Mini Starter kit!  I chose the mini starter and LOVE IT!  I only had to pay for shipping which was very cheep, and will be getting more when I run out! 

The vegetable oil, Zoye, is not an oil I would usually have used but when I saw that they are non-GMO I gave them a try.  I used this oil when I made brownies, and some fried zucchini sticks.  This was a great oil that I enjoy and thinking about trying again.
  • Half the saturated fat of regular vegetable oil
  • Omega 3 & Omega 6
  • Vitamin E
  • Non-GMO
 In the box I received Breton Gourmet Shortbread cookies!  These I absolutely loved and had with my Green Tea Tropical Tea.  While we were in Scotland, we had tea and shortbread cookies every afternoon. With the first bight I felt like I was back in Scotland enjoying an afternoon tea with my husband.  I wish I had gotten a few packets of these delicious cookies, unfortunately I only got one and I did not share. 

My favorite in the box was my free 1 month subscription to Nia.  This was a very exciting video dance that was exhilarating and fun.  It was relaxing and very sexy!  I could feel this workout throughout my entire body.  I got to try the Nia Passion video which had a modern and  Indian dance feel to it.  I love to try new thing to workout with, and I am someone that has to change things up to stay motivated.  Nia has many options to find the dance workout to fit you.  Check out their website and give them a try!
"The Nia Passion workout is known for its dynamic mix of music, which inspires you to express yourself through choreographed and free movement. From its sensuous melodies to powerful beats, this one-hour experience is joyful and celebratory. Learn to integrate a variety of Nia moves that tap into dance, martial arts and conscious practices like yoga. Cultivate stability from the ground up as you master stances, steps and kicks. Activate your core using pulsing and spiraling motions. Awaken your heart and soul, while you select the speed and intensity level that's right for you. Developed by Nia Co-Creators Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, this workout is presented by Nia Trainers Ann Christiansen and Kevin VerEecke. Let them be your guides, as you connect to the dancer within."~~NIA

Over all I was very impressed with my Klutch Club Review.  I got to try companies, over $70 worth of items, that I would not have known about and found a few favorites that I am sure I will be ordering from again.  This is a huge benefit for those that want to try out something new without the fear of if they will like it or not!  You can order the monthly box at $18 a box, but remember you get an average of $50 worth of product.  You can get savings every month by ordering the 1 year or 3 month subscriptions.  You can read more here.

If you would like to try out Klutch Club please visit them here.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this review, these are my opions and mine alone.  I like to review items that promote health, wellness, and are good for our bodies. 


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