Monday, August 20, 2012

Mosquito Problem in Texas, is it going to affect you?

I read over the weekend that the West Nile Virus has been an increasing problem in Texas.  I know this is nothing to mess around with especially since their have been 16 reported deaths.  Although, how are they handling the issue?  With massive amounts of toxic bug sprays, one being by planes!  I know this is a problem, but they are trying to handle one problem and possibly creating a horrible downward spiral of multiple problems.  The destruction of beneficial animals and insects, like fish and bees!

The Health Ranger says:
The chemical product being sprayed is known as Duet, an "advanced dual-action mosquito adulticide" that contains both sumithrin, the active ingredient in another mosquito pesticide known as Anvil, and prallethrin. Both chemicals are known to be highly-toxic neuropoisons that target not only mosquitoes, but also bees, bats, fish, crickets, and various other animals and insects ( ~~Natural News

This burns my buttons because Bats are a major sore of natural elimination, the Bats eat the mosquito's.  While the mass spraying MIGHT kill some of the mosquito's, it is also affecting the beneficial animals and insects in the area.  Do you have an autoimmune disease?  Know someone who does?  What do you think can be happening to their bodies when we mass dump toxic chemicals around them?
The Health Ranger also shows a link for the possible affects of one of the chemicals being used:

Sumithrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, is known to kill bees, and is linked to the widespread bee die-off phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). In tests, sumithrin has been shown to damage human kidneys and the liver, and is also linked to causing both liver and breast cancers. Household pets exposed to sumithrin are also at risk of serious health complications, as are fish and other aquatic animals ( News.
No matter where you are you can protect yourself against these pesky insects.  In our house we are using Wildwood Soapworks Bug spray.  It works!  I am not using this problem to help advertise, just giving my readers options.  We have been using Buzzed for a few months and we are not bothered by bugs anymore.  I carried it during our trip to Scotland this summer.  The glass bottle traveled great and it has a nice clean feel and smell.  I carry it in my purse to be ready for any outside fun or adventure. 
They have a natural blend of essential oils and a proprietary extract that repel mosquitos, ticks, gnats, no-see-ums, black flies, green head flies, chiggers, and generally annoying things with wings or legs. In a fractionated coconut oil base, it does not disappear when you sweat, nor will it stain your clothes. How does it smell you ask? Fabulous! Some of our regular clients have purchased it to use as a natural perfume since their mates are allergic to the chemicals prevalent in that industry. Yes, it really works! We guarantee or your money back, no questions asked! 2 oz. spray bottle~~Wildwood Soapworks.

Check out how you can make a Bat Box to help the bats eat mosquito's in your area, naturally.  We have a Bat Box!  We have been slow in getting it up, but it goes up this weekend! 
How to Build a Bat Box
Bat Houses 

I like to use natural and effective ways to protect myself and my family.  Except, what can we do when the government decides this type of spraying is best for everyone involved?  I think we need to try and educate ourselves and loved ones about the natural ways of eating and clean living.  When the government steps in and says, sorry this is what we have to do for the majority protection, we lose a bit of freedom for our natural choices.  Is there anything we can do to stop these toxic sprays being dropped in Texas?  I don't know.  I live in AZ and you might think its not affecting me so I won't make a stink, but what if your State is next? I heard someone say this week that we need to take personal responsibility for our decisions, that really hit home with me.
Disclosure:  I am not paid for my reviews.  These are my thoughts and opinions that I share to help others know about companies and products I am Passionate about. 


  1. I am with you, I wish our government would do so many things "protecting" us they are hurting us in the long run.

  2. I love that you included bat box links! ♥ We had them in our back yard growing up, with lots of bat box dwellers, and it helped so much!

  3. They are doing spraying from vans in our area in Philly. When I heard about it I was livid. I don't know if I should keep my son and dogs inside to protect them. We have had 7 cases of West Nile. Who knows how many cases of cancer spraying this stuff could cause?