Friday, August 24, 2012

MymcbooksBirthday Library Program and Memorable Children Books and Gifts

What a wonderful program.  I signed up for the birthday program last year, through a book giveaway that I entered and forgot all about it.
Ella Johnson gave us a wonderful surprise this week by sending Gabby a book for her birthday.  The book is absolutely adorable and she loves it.  Inside the book was autographed by the writer, the little girl who inspired the book, and the paw print of the dog in the story!  Talk about an amazing gift.  Here in our house books are treasured items, especially if they are signed by the author.
I told Gabby that the author took the time to write the book and give this special gift to her for her birthday because reading is a treasured gift of creativity, freedom, and education. 

I want to thank Ella and those at Mymcbooks, for this program.  You made Gabby's day!  She is learning how to read in Kindergarten and is taking a special interest in her special book.  She took it to the school today to have her teacher read it to the class and show how the author signed it.

 Gabby got the book Tootsie and Lulu by Wendy Botts.  A very adorable story about a young girl and her dog.

She also received this adorable happy Birthday certificate.

Be sure to stop by their website and sign up your little reader!

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  1. Great post Kelly.


  2. What a wonderful program that I was not familiar with. Anything that helps child literacy and gets kids hooked on reading at a young age is awesome!