Thursday, August 30, 2012

Energy Drinks Under Investigation?

In a recent Huffington Post article, I read that a few of the large name Energy Drink Corporations are under investigation.  The mentioned that subpoenas have been issued for the companies 5-Hour Energy and Monster to name a few.  There have been deaths in teens and young adults who over-consumed these beverages. 
The probe is examining how the drinks are made, often loaded with caffeine and sugar, along with what critics say is a mostly useless amount of Vitamin B, and how they are marketed at sports events and sometimes in bars. That can lead to a dizzying combination of alcohol impairment without the sedative effect that slows drinkers down and lets them know they aren't alert enough to drive.~~HuffingtonPost.  Read the entire article here.
It is a tragedy whenever a life is lost, especially when it is due to a beverage.  What is alarming is the amount of teens that drinks these beverages.  The drink is marketed and meant to provide a burst of energy.  So many people drink them to help them get over a long day, sleepless night, or exhaustion.  Some like to drink for the buzzed energized feel they get from them.  What can we do?  Educate our teens and self to look for more natural approaches to a energized body.

9 Things to have a Natural Energy filled body
Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day
Eat breakfast regularly
eat a balanced diet
maintain ideal body weight
exercise regularly
avoid junk foods
manage stress in your life
do not smoke
reduce alcohol

You do these 7 steps and you won't have to reach for a Energy Drinks,  filled with caffeine and sugar.   Your body will be strong and healthy.

Check out this video on what hiding in your energy drink.  The comparison with how many donuts and other items.  

Disclosure:  I am not paid for my reviews.  These are my thoughts and opinions that I share to help others know about companies and products I am Passionate about. 


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was always so weary of those energy drinks even if they brand themselves natural. I don't think there is anything natural about drinking excess amounts of caffeine and sugar all in one sitting.

  2. Great story. I always had my doubts about energy drinks.

  3. I hate energy drinks, they are so bad for the body.

  4. This makes me even more worried about my husband. He drinks a lot of energy drinks becuz of his job. It really worried me already but now even more... Gonna need to sit down with my man again and try talking some sense into him. Thanks for sharing!