Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Conscious Box has Vegan Monthly Subscriptions Now

Great News!  Conscious Box now has a monthly Vegan box!  I think this is absolutely wonderful.  I loved that the company really went to great links to provide an assortment of companies that care about the planet and our wellness.  Now, they have raised the bar and are helping to bring healthy Vegan products to your door to try. 

As a member of The Pitch List, I reviewed the July box and loved it.  Sadly, I was too slow to get the August box set up and missed out.  You can buy them month by month, but this company is getting a lot of great Green support!  If you want to guarantee that you receive your box, you may want to sign up for the monthly subscription, fast.   You do have two to pick from  Eco-Friendly and Vegan!  Both are priced for $12/monthly +$7.95/month shipping.
Cancel at any time! $19.95 once a month!!!  You can order here. 

What products would a professional Vegan triathelete, bestselling author, and plant-based business owner love & use daily? Find out with this 100% Vegan Conscious Box—curated by Brendan Brazier! As one of the world's foremost authorities on plant-based nutrition, we're honored to have Brendan's product picks for the first month of our new 100% Vegan subscription box. Discover the best Vegan products on the planet—every month!~~Conscious Box

They only have a few hundred of these boxes, so hurry while there's still some left!  
The update is that these are going really really FAST!
Start discovering the best Vegan products on the planet. Subscribe today!


I will be having a Giveaway for one reader to win one of the first Vegan Boxes, September.  Giveaway goes live tonight at 12pm EST US only.   

Disclaimer:  I am not paid for my reviews and post.   I only want to bring you great companies and news that are beneficial for the planet and our bodies.


  1. Thanks! I just entered! I would love to learn about new vegan companies!

  2. This is great news! I am a fan of Brendan Brazier.

  3. I entered, this is awesome news!

  4. ohgoodgolly, Brendan Brazier is a god! Not only is he a 2-time Ultra Marathon Champion and Ironman triathlete, he has brilliant vegan recipes, especially energy bar recipes. His Chocolate Blueberry Energy Bars are screamingly good! Thanks for this info...definitely going to try for it!

  5. I entered! How awesome is this! LOVE it!