Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Give some love to the US Swim Team

I love watching the Olympics this year.  I think the US teams have been absolutely amazing.  We are neck and neck with Chine with the leading amount of medals.  There has been some upsets and sad moments, but they still keep plugging away.  I wanted to share one of my favorite clips of the US Swim Team in training and the way over to London.  What a fun group of athletes.  I think it is important to just let loose and have some fun.  I can't even imagine the pressure and stress they are feeling.
Check out their fun video of 'Call Me Maybe" 

Follow the link to to watch the video HERE!

This is our BlankZ Swim Bunny to support the Swim team!  Be sure to stop by for the giveaway going on NOW! 
Go USA!!!!!!

A big Congrats to the Woman's Gymnastic Team for taking GOLD!  What a great selection of athletes! 


  1. how creative... thats awesome!! my family is soo sick of the Olympics this year! im a big fan!!

  2. I LOVE the bunny! LOL It's adorable!

  3. Such a cute bunny! I love the Olympics. I just wish they didn't preempt my soaps!

  4. How fun! I have been enjoying watching the Olympics and the swimming has been awesome. Go USA! :)


  5. Ha Ha! Love your bunny and the US Swim Team!

  6. Aww, cute bunny! Haha.
    Gotta love the Olympics, and swimming!