Friday, June 29, 2012

Reuseit Review Bento boxes

For most, summer break last until August although we start back in July.  We are year round schooling and I love it.  The kids get a relaxing 6 weeks off and then we are back in the swing of education.  Since we have about 3 weeks left of summer I am taking this time to review and try out better options to lunch containers and accessories.

I wanted to become a completely Eco friendly family in regard to our lunches.  This means no more plastic lunch bags, EPA free plastics, and other reusable items.  It is important for my children's lunch be nutritious and easy to access.  They like to have hot, cold, dry, wet, and creative lunches to look forward to every day, so that means options. 

Creative lunches are important because when you pack your food everyday you want to have something to look forward to.  Reuseit has lots of Bento boxes to chose from.  I started with the Box Appetit Lunch Box.  Besides the typical cold lunches I wanted to have something sophisticated for some days.
 Bento-style food containers are a perfect addition to a waste-free lunch. Removable containers and separators divide the space inside the box to let you pack different dishes in a single container with no baggies, wraps, or disposable packaging. By using reusable food and sauce containers, you can drastically reduce your need for use-and-toss plastic baggies, wraps, aluminum foil and juggling multiple food containers. Plus, you can save money and eat healthier by creating your own lunch instead of buying pre-packaged ones.~~Reuseit.
This style of Bento Box helps you to make hot and cold items without too many containers to carry.  This lunch was a Chicken Pita, salad, dressing, carrots, and fruit.  This was an all cool lunch that was kept sealed with no leaking.  The dressing was vinaigrette and I was impressed that the small container never leaked.  Because of the temperatures of summer I selected an all cold lunch.  My husband took this to work one day with a vegetarian baked Zitti, salad, and dressing.  The salad container was able to be removed so the Zitti could be heated in Microwave.  He said it was simple to remove the needed parts and put all back in when finished.  This container comes with a beautiful green fork that attaches for easy carrying.  My son has asked for this to be his lunch container. 

Features of the Box Appetit Lunch Box~~Reuseit.
  • Eco-friendly – pack a lunch with no baggies, wraps, or disposable packaging
  • Sturdy design – large container with water tight seal lid
  • Glass-like lid doubles as a plate and dipping sauce tray
  • Durable fork with a deep curve for scooping and an angled edge for cutting
  • Microwavable and removable inner food container
  • Added clip on lid to hold fork (or your own chopsticks)
  • Lidded sauce pot perfect for dressings and condiments
  • Use this one box as a doggie bag and won't have to juggle different plastic containers
  • BPA free
  • Microwavable and dishwasher safe
The Box Appetit Lunch Box is valued at $21.95.

Disclaimer:  I was given this product to review.  I am not paid for my reviews, these are my personal opinions and just enjoy bring companies that promote Green Natural Living. 


  1. Great review-I love Bento Boxes. And they are great for my diabetic patients.


  2. Very cute and compact bento box! I need to find a good one for my hubs. Will check out their whole selection!

  3. Those are super cute! Thank you for introducing me to a new product! Stoppin by from GMN :)

  4. Love the look and the size of the box! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the triangle shaped bowl!