Monday, October 1, 2012

GMO farmers say Yes to labeling and Mike Adams Raps out to "Say No to GMO"!

With all the news I have been updating here about GMO, some have wondered about the farmers.  They are the ones stuck in the middle between GMO producers and consumers.  I have to say that my heart goes out to farmers because I feel they have been bullied to carry these seeds and not in a situation that they can crawl out of.  
I was sent this video today from CA Right To Know, that even farmers want the labeling!  Check out this short video here. 

“I would be in support of Prop 37. Consumers absolutely have the right to know what they’re consuming.  I’ve always been a supporter of labeling.  Europe had done it for years. It’s not a big deal."

We have only 5 weeks left before the vote in California.  As a GMO evangelist, I am going to get all the information possible to help you make your own decisions.   

Also, see how corn and wheat use to be farmed, before GMO.

On a funny note, I read this over at Natural News.

 OK, I HAD to share this, lol!  Watch Mike Adams (A.K.A. Health Ranger) Rap out to Say No to GMO's! 


After watching it tell me what you think??

Disclaimer:   This is information to bring to my readers so they can make informed decisions on the foods they purchase.  I support foods getting back to natural and green!


  1. I feel like it is hard for the farmers to please everyone, and run a sucessful farm.

    I wish everyone would stop modifying, injecting and doing other stuff to our foods. I just wish natural/organic wasnt so expensive!

  2. I was reading earlier and saw completely nauseating percentages- some 88% of corn is genetically modified. Sigh. Just when I think I'm making good choices for my family, I find out another brand doesn't guarantee that their products are GMO-free. I really hope legislation passes soon requiring labeling. It makes me quite envious of those that live in countries who require GMO labeling.

  3. I agree with Diane, but if it's not going to change, I think labeling is the next best thing. julieann r

  4. What happened to just planting and letting it grow :( Love me some fresh corn!