Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19 Halloween Hop Spooky Foods for Lunch or Snacks

I love to make lunches, dinners, and snacks spooky during the Halloween Season. 
Here are a few ideas.
Ghostly Bananas
Cut a medium banana in half.
Use nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, ext to make the faces.
Adding nuts to your child's snack will add fiber and protein. 

Octopus Hotdogs
 Today the kids are having Vegan Dog cut as an Octopus in there lunch.  I added the Halloween toothpicks I ordered last week, and added the new lunch Halloween Jokes to each lunch.  
The trick for cutting your octopus is to cut is sideways half way up the hotdog.  Then you cut three thin cuts that make up your four legs on both side.  

National Costume Swap Day
October 13th was National Costume Swap day!  If you have not bought your costumes for the kids yet, think about getting together with friends to swap costumes.  Read more about this idea here.  Veronica Swap Costumes this year and is going as Frankenstein bride, we just need to brush out the wig a little.

A Cheep Festive Centerpiece
During our visit to the Corn Maze at Apple Annie's we picked up some of the dried corn and make a fall center piece for the table.  I love it.

Movie and Show links

Kids love to look forward to something different and new.  A little bit of prep work and organizing can help make the season festive and still very healthy.

Check out the last 18 days of ideas and post!

Disclaimer:  These are my personal opions, I am not paid for my post.  I wish to bring you fun creative ways to eat Health and live Green. 


  1. What a great idea! I need to go back and check out all your ideas!

  2. Very cute. I am so not that creative. I really wish I could think up fun stuff like this for my kiddos, lol.

  3. I love your ideas! The banana's are adorable...I think I'm going to make those for my kids' snacks this week, they will love them!