Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5, Counting Down to Halloween Hop

Making Spooky foods for the kids.

We love to have fun with the kids and make items fun and festive, but don't let it affect your health.
Remember, through the next 3 months there is going to be a ton of parties, events, and tons of sweets.  One of the items we all love to decorate, and are all through the seasons, is desserts! Let's be honest about the traditional foods consumed during the holidays, there is a a lot of junk and poor ingredients.  Be proactive in talking about moderation with the family.  Teach your kids to think ahead at what items they would like to enjoy and how to pick and chose responsibly.  When we go to church events, like Coffee Sunday, there is always a ton of coffee cakes, donuts, and sugary items.  I tell the kids look around and pick 1 to 2 items.  This way they can enjoy the event without going crazy.  It is easy to get wrapped up in things and not realized the amount of junk we put into our bodies.  You can easy get wrapped up in school parties, friends festive treats, snacks, Halloween after candy, festivals, and more.  When we eat non-foods, foods that have no nutrient quality,we can lower our immune system and cause illnesses.  This is one of the major reasons for the cold and flu season, because we lower our immune system with all the junk foods, AKA Festive foods.  

The Solution
Make festive foods healthy.  This is easy, just use your creativity to make fun items in your healthful foods. 

 Here is Monster Pear.  You can use a normal pare, and push down 3 cheerios for eyes and a nose.  Then we use raw pumpkin seeds for the teeth/mouth.  The kids loved this one.  They would ask for it over and over, I would change up the location of the eyes, and the teeth.  
Monster Eyes lunch this week.  2 meatballs for eyes.  A boiled egg that I wrote a web on.  Carrots for the hair.  I sliced and cut a plum for the mouth.  Lettuce and grapes loose in box. 

Bats and Bugs, have some fun with cookie cutters to make festive sandwiches.  These are Bat Peanut Butter Sandwiches, celery monster fingers, pumpkin oranges,bug fruit.

All you have to do is take normal foods and cut them to make festive.  Enjoy and be sure to check out my Facebook for Halloween lunch ideas, and my Pinterest Halloween board!