Friday, October 12, 2012

Wrap-N-Mat Review a Greener Way To Do Lunches

Greening my family has been a long process.  I have been working at making better choices in recycling, conserving, and helping the environment. 

One of my projects for this year was to completely Green our Lunches.  Wrap-N-Mat is helping me with fashionable and cute alternatives to the plastic sandwich bags. 
"According to the EPA, each child who brings a brown bag lunch to school every day generates about 67 pounds of waste by the end of the school year. ~~EPA"

We are always packing bags for lunches, picnics, hikes, and everyday outings.  It is important to make sure we know where our food is coming from so we like to take the food we have bought, this also keeps us from wasting any food.  A  natural easy choice is to use plastic bags that would be easier to just throw away when done.  The problem is all those plastic bags add up over a lifetime and then take a long time to degrade.  You have wonderful options that saves the environment and saves your wallet. 

I was given two Wrap-N-Mat.  A large sandwich with adorable bears, and a snack bag with pandas. 

On the left is the the panda snack bag that is holding some red grapes. 
 On the right I have a full sandwich with the teddy bears. 

The Wrap-N-Mat are very easy to use and easy to clean.  Here is the panda snack wrap laid flat with the grapes.  You can see it lays completely flat to be a clean surface to eat on. 

This was taken on a outing we had at the Desert Museum.  The top folds in, then you fold the two sides and the Velcro holds everything together.  Then you fold the bottom down over anther Velcro piece and it holds everything inside nicely.  On the right you can see how the three sides are folded in and then you bring the top down to secure with Velcro.  Don't you think the Panda's are so cute?  My kids love the designs.

This is a view of how all the sides over lap perfectly to keep everything inside.  I have used vegetables, fruits, granola, chips, anything you use a plastic bag for you could use one Wrap-N-Mat. 
Check out the designs here. 

This is a Bears with Flowers Original Wrap.   I love how these can be use as a place mat for eating on a clean surface.  When you are done eating you can just wrap everything back up to save for later.  The grapes and veggies where in a separate wrap, the panda, and we put all of my daughter lunch on her mat.  The sandwich mat works just the snack bag.  You fold in your sides, the top, and then secure the bottom with the Velcro.
Check out the many designs here.  

Cleaning the Wrap-N-Mat is a snap.  I just wipe down the plastic side with a warm soapy rag and air dry. 
The Sandwich Wrap-N-Mat are $8.99
The Snack Wrap-N-Mat are $9.99
Order your today and start greening your kids lunches, help the environment, and save some money! 

Disclaimer: I was given this product for review, I was not paid and only like to review product I think are good for us and the environment.  These opinions are mine alone and am happy to bring you this information. 


  1. THat is a neat idea! Thanks for the review!

  2. What a cool idea! i love the design!

  3. cool ideas! I may contact them for a review. I've never seen something like this =) looks like it'd come in handy

  4. These are great ideas. I always use the rubber containers or ziploc baggies but hate having to throw them out every day. Never seen these before.

  5. Love these - don't have to use any more plastic bags!! Panda one is darling.

  6. I've been wanting to try reusable snack bags for our family. I love the wrap, I've not seen anything like it and love how it doubles as a place mat too!

  7. I love this, it's like a bag and plate in one!

  8. What a fun idea!! Simple to use, easy to clean up.

    life made simpler is always good.

    Kev :)

  9. Our grocery store actually carries these. (*happy dance* No shipping costs!)

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  12. What a neat idea - I've never heard of anything like it.

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