Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3, Counting Down to Halloween Hop

I am exited to bring you a great hop that is going to have something new added everyday.  Anything from recipes, crafts, DIY, and many more ideas.  
Each day a new post will be added to the linky.
Stop by daily to check out some fantastic Halloween recipes, crafts, and decorating ideas! 

Today is Hosted by Mom's Living Thrifty!  She is dishing out great ideas for last minute costumes!

Fabulous Fall & Happy Halloween Hop – Three Last Minute Costumes on a Budget
  •  The Mummy
  •  The Ghastly Ghost
  •  The Walking Dead ......all three ideas are perfect for someone wanting to be festive and on a budget!  You will look like you spent way more than you did!
Yesterday, day 2, was by DeDa Studios and her idea of fall in a bottle!  I have to order one of these, it sounds so delicious!  Check out the link and let her know what you think! 

Looking for something to Spook up your kids lunch?

Something Spooky to watch?  Check out Disney  Monstober Schedule of movies and shows. 

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