Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today is National Costume Swap Day

I wish I had found out about this event earlier. I love to conserve, recycle, and save money.  As I read through my emails and news I see today is National Costume Swap Day. All over the US communities are gathering with past years costumes to swap. I have four children and every Halloween we spend an average of $20 for each kid.  Yikes right?  I love this idea of swapping with neighbors to save mony, get a new to you costume, conserve on the waste of buying brand new, and making social connections. 

Visit Green Halloween for more information and gatherings near you. 

Today,green we already had plans to go pumpkin picking and enjoy our local farm. If you are getting this information too late as well, try organizing your own community swap day.  I have seen this done with moms raiding the closets, putting on a cup of coffee, and socializing while everyone up cycles new outfits.  Check out the site and organize a Costume Swap Day in your town.   I will be contacting my MOPS group to see if we can get one organized during our next meeting.  These are all small steps to living a greener more substaninable life. 

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