Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple Annie's Pumpkin Farm

This past Saturday we headed out to Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch, in Wilcox AZ.  
Every year we head out to Wilcox to visit Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchards.
We like to support our local Farmers and love the experience of picking your own pumpkin right off the vine!  I did not experience the adventure of pumpkin picking as a child,I grew up in the large city of Orlando, FL.  While we had a ton of entertainment we did not have the simple family adventures like cutting your Christmas tree and picking pumpkins.  My husband first introduced me to this a few years back and this has now become a family and friends tradition. 

As soon as we got to the farm the first thing the kids wanted to do was jump into the Corn Pit.  This year they had the pit larger, which was a good thing!  While the kids played, got buried, lost shoes, and had a corn of a time.  
Kirsten lost her shoes like 5 times in the corn.  I lost mine once, and then I told everyone to just take your shoes off and have a ball!
While the kids played my husband went out to the Apple Orchard, which is only about 7 miles away, and grabbed some of Apple Annie's famous Apple Cider Donuts. They make these there and only until 11 am!  He ran over to grab some for us real quick!  You can't leave until your had their donuts, or one of their pies!
As we waited for our Hay Ride we finished of these donuts pretty fast.

You can check out all the items and prices of their bakery here.  They carry pies, fudge, breads, and more. 

Here is a shot of our three families kids sitting all together.  They have 3-4 Hayrides running that take you on a beautiful ride from the front past the Sunflowers, peppers, and other vegetables growing on the farm until you get to the pumpkins in the back. 

A view, on the left, from the Hay Ride looking out at the Sunflowers.  Every year they have the most beautiful Sunflowers that you can pick and cut yourself!

 On the right you can see a few people picking from the pepper fields.  I love the you pick because you know its absolutely fresh and the sizes and colors you want.  Produces does not get any fresher than start from the vine.

The Hay Ride takes you right to the fields where you have acres of pumpkins to pick from.  We came across teeny tiny pumpkins, white, green, behemoth size pumpkins, whatever you are looking for you will find it! 
Veronica, my flower child, picked out her pumpkin and Daddy was ready to help with the cutters.  We did this for each of the kids, letting them pick as Daddy cut. 

After we picked out pumpkins the Crew helped us load our pumpkins back on the hayride and headed back to the main entrance.  We paid for our pumpkins, loaded them in the car, and headed over to the Corn maze.  On our way we had some delicious sampling of their Kettle Corn!  Oh my this is always good and you can take home a huge bag full.

On the left you can see the kids already took off on the Maze.  They have three routes that you can pick from and each route has a series of Passport questions to help you make it through the Maze.  If you answer the questions incorrectly you will find yourself turn around to the right direction.  We took the Challenge Maze, which is estimated to take 45 minutes.  The kids each took turns deciding on which paths to take.  When it came time for questions, they were based on Arizona History and Agriculture, Michael answered them all correctly.  The Picture on the right is Jay using the power of the corn to help us make it through, we joked around like it was a compass.  I never checked to see how long we were in the maze, all we know is we had a blast!  The second pic on the right, is my poor little Gabby who by the end was quite tired.  We made it back to the Tent!
Something pretty Special about Apple Annie's Corn Maze is that they make a different design every year.  They also make the Largest Corn Maze in Arizona!  You definitely want to visit and do this every year! 

The Produce stand has a wonderful spot to take some cute pictures.  There is a ton of pumpkins that you can select from already picked.  I had the kids take a quick picture in from of all the beautiful pumpkins.

At the Produce Store you an pick up squashes, peppers, corn, onions, corn stalks for decoration, and so much more.  Here is a shot of the many preserves, jams, sauces, seasoning, and pickled jars.  We love the jalapeno garlic cloves and use it in a lot of dishes.

Out side the store you can visit all kinds of food venders to indulge in.

We could not leave with out each of the kids taking a turn on the John Deer Trackers. 

We love Apple Annie's and thank them for being one of our local farmers.  I know you can pick up pumpkins and other produce from the store, but the experience of visiting a farm is so enriching.  We need to support our local farmers.  Come out, visit, and support your Farms! 

Apple Annie's
Produce & Pumpkins
page here!

Open Daily 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
October Hours:
9 AM - 5:30 PM
Close for the season October 31
6405 W Williams Rd
(map & directions)
Willcox, AZ 85643

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this review.  I think we need to start supporting our Local Farmers and the events that they bring to us to celebrate farming.  These opinions are mine alone and am happy to bring you this information.


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