Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BluApple Review and Giveaway

Bluapple Giveaway

One of the things I like to teach my children is that we never waste food.  There is children, teens, and adults all over the world hungry and starving right now, and we should not waste food.  This said, we as parents need to take steps not waste food on the counters and in the fridge.

I was very excited to review the BluApple.  I saw this a few months back and thought, what a neat idea.  BluApple absorbs the gasses, ethylene, that produce makes causing the produce to ripped too quickly.  This is a natural process that allows for produce to biodegrade.  The problem is that the ethylene gasses can build up in the refrigerator causing produce to waste faster.
"Official surveys indicate that every year more than 350 billion pounds of edible food is
available for human consumption in the United States. Of that total, nearly 100 billion pounds - including fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and grain products - are lost to waste by retailers, restaurants, and consumers."~~BluApple
Just one BluApple last for 3 months and can be used on counters, refrigerators, and storage bins.  Not only does it help your fruits and veggies last longer, but the apple last a long time as well.  I believe this to also be a green item.  Instead of throwing the BluApple into the garbage every three months you can change a filter and place back in the refrigerator.
Aureus Products Innovation has taken proven ethylene gas remediation technology found in commercial ethylene control products and created the Bluapple™ - a simple, organic, nontoxic and recyclable device for the home that extends the storage life of produce up to three times longer. The BluApple™ provides a solution to the problem of keeping expensive produce fresh, adapting technology that has been used safely and successfully by the commercial and organic produce industries for decades.~~BluApple
 What happens after three months?   You don't have to throw your apple away, you can change the filters.  I have loved this experience.  I like to buy organic produce because I believe it makes a huge difference for our bodies.  The problem with organic is that it tends to spoil faster than the conventional produce.  This is because conventional produce sometimes with have chemicals and waxes covering to keep from spoiling fast.  I prefer organic and love that the BluApple is a non-toxic way to preserve and extend the life of my produce.

I recently wrote on Ethical Shopping and think that we should all take steps to make good shopping choices, along with ordering the BluApple for your home. 

Here is a picture of my counter basket with Apples and Bananas.  While the bananas have a few browning spots on them, I want to explain that I had got a really large amount in my basket last Saturday.  Usually one week later whatever was not eaten would be completely uneatable.  These will actually be gone before tomorrow night.  The BluApple is not a magic item that stops food from ripening, but helps to absorb the gasses that cause it to spoil quickly.  In other words, it slows it down but does not stop it.  I find the BluApple to be extremely affordable.  You get 2 BluApples to use that last 3 months for $9.95.  Then you can also purchase the 1 year refill pack for only $9.95.   You will have 2 BluApples, and enough refills to last a year and pay under $20.00.  That is a smart buy, non-toxic, and Eco friendly. 

Want to Buy
BluApple Double Pack valued at $9.95 order HERE
BluApple Refill Kit valued at $9.95 order HERE

Want to Win One?
As a Pitch List Blogger we are going to be giving away 2o, that's right 20 BlueApples to our wonderful readers.  This is US only and only one winner per IP address.  Just enter on the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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  1. I LOVE my Bluapple! It has greatly extended the life of our produce, and it quickly paid for itself!

  2. I had no idea I could use this on the counter and not just in the fridge!

  3. This looks like a great way to keep my fruits longer!