Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Allergies and GMO's Are Your Children Being Affected

This is a clip from the Genetic Roulette - Part Two - Allergic to GMO's.  Here is a portion from the movie about Moms and Doctors talking about kids being severely allergic and horrific reactions to GMO foods.  
Some of the symptoms that people are experiencing could be diagnosed as allergies when it all comes down to the food being eaten, GMO's.  They are not saying that GMO is causing Autism, but they are saying that studies are saying there are links to GMO's being a contributor.  

Parents talk out about how changing their children's diet away from GMO foods showed them to see huge changes in their health, but also their emotions and behaviors.  
6 min Video 

Disclaimer:  This information is here for readers to hear all sides of the spectrum.  There are two sides to the story and I only wish to provide my readers with information to help them make their own decisions.  Food is a Freedom.  We have a right to know all the information and be allowed to make decisions that best fit our families.  

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