Monday, November 5, 2012

Use Food to Lower Risk of Diabetes

November happens to be American Diabetes Month, among other events.
Help spread the word on how to eat to beat Diabetes, one way is to enjoy more berries.

All these beautiful delicious fruits have Anthocyanins which help to lower the risk of type II diabetes.

Cranberries fresh and whole are now in season and can easily be found at your local grocer.  I like to stock up on these and throw them in the freezer for during the Spring and Summer months.  I like to make my Cranberry Juice from scratch and it helps to detox the kidneys and bladder.

What kind of healthy ways will you be using these fruits this season?
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  1. I thought I was the only one to stock up on these. We love cranberries here and make cranberry sauce a few times a year. I will have to try making my own juice, I hate the store bought kind.

  2. Cranberries rock, but blackberries are my love. I stock up on cranberries, too, freezing them, but usually run out! lol

  3. A lot {or maybe all?} of those foods you mentioned are also great for the heart AND have antioxidants that aid in the prevention of cancer! Great foods!

    And I agree with Shayla - cherries DO rock! :P


  4. I love my dried apples, but only allowed a few a day on my nutrisystem diet. This is probably good or I'd eat a whole container in one sitting, lol

  5. Berries are so good for you and they are tasty too :-)

  6. I should start stocking up on these berries. Too bad they are so expensive.