Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scribble 2 Script 15% off For Your Childs Success

My handwriting is horrible and so is my sons.  I have never really given it much thought because I thought it was just how I was designed.  After checking out Scribble 2 Script site, I see that it is something I could have worked on better as a child.  I want to make sure my children get the tools they need for all avenues in life. 


1. Messy/sloppy handwriting
2. Difficulty with letter formation, sizing and/or spacing
3. Gets frustrated or doesn't like to write
4. Frequently mixes upper and lowercase letters
5. Writes short answers when they really have a lot more to say
6. Frequent letter and/or number reversals 
7. Holds pencil incorrectly
8. Doesn't take the time to erase mistakes
9. Rushes to get work done
10. Lacks confidence in ability to write

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