Tuesday, November 13, 2012

GMO News Roundup Remix Video

This is a super short video about GMO and the use of Roundup™.   Roundup™ was patented as an herbicide in 1974 by Monsanto. We know that Roundup™ has been used exclusively to kill weeds, but what is the medical fallout of eating produce with these seeds?  We have been seeing more studies showing negative health problems.  Watch as he explains this real simple for us.  
This is part of my GMO video Library for your use. 

Disclaimer:  This information is here for readers to hear all sides of the spectrum.  There are two sides to the story and I only wish to provide my readers with information to help them make their own decisions.  Food is a Freedom.  We have a right to know all the information and be allowed to make decisions that best fit our families.

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