Thursday, November 8, 2012

Free to You Finds for Healthy Living

This is something new I wanted to bring to you.  I am a parent of four amazing children and while I love to talk about Green Living and Nutrition, sometimes I have something off topic to share.  Today I am going to list a few links of beneficial finds and freebees!

FREE Stop Bulling now Kit: includes DVD and Activity Guide!  "This video toolkit provides educators, administrators, health professionals, and parents Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now! campaign materials to promote bullying prevention in schools and communities."

The stress caused from bully's can be very damaging to one health, both on the child and the parent.  Take a stand and grab some free tools to help your family.  

FREE Pure Matters DHA Omega 3 Childrens Gummies Sample  First 1,000 sign-ups will receive a sample of Pure Matters(R) DHA Omega-3 Children's Gummies. Valid through 11/12/12 or while supplies last.  Start with Liking their Facebook page and then fill out the form.  Check out their website with 20% off code

2 FREE Quest Protein Bars   They give our 250 daily, so if you miss today check back again tomorrow!  No Sugars, Soy, Gluten, Glycerine, NO JUNK!  

FREE Aveeno Nourish Samples They willsend you a FREE sample from our NOURISH+ Hair Care collection soon.

Disclaimer:  I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post.  These are my opions and thoughts.  I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living. I am a USFamilyGuide Member and love to bring you things that are great for your family. 

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