Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ECO Bear Review a Wonderful Gift For Your Little Traveler

My husband travels the world with his job and we love to learn about his different travels.  When he goes to a different country he always brings me home Cookbooks and culture items.  That way when he travels there again I cook a few of the meals that he will be enjoying so the kids can experience a little of what Daddy does.  We also like to talk about the culture, the state colors, food, and the people.  It is important to our family to understand the differences of other countries, learn, and appreciate.

Playful Critics sent me the The Globe Bear which is made of 100% recycled material!  It is 12 inches tall and for ages 3 and up.  This Geography aid helps parents and teachers teach early learners the seven continents and five oceans of planet Earth. It creates a simple starting point for open discussions about the world while encouraging adult and child interaction. This unique huggable bear makes a great travel companion and is machine washable.
Kirsten especially loved this bear.  I love that it was made with 100% recycled material with is great for the earth, every little bit helps.  When her father is traveling she now snuggles the bear and knows what continent he is on.  The bear is also Machine Washable which is a must here in our home.  It is also a great teaching tool for ECO awareness.  We need to teach our children to be good stewards of the earth for future generations. 

Globe Bear is $15.95 
Playful Critics has many adorable plush animals to pick from and you can see those here.  
The other Eco Animal is Happy Cow Rattle which is $6.98
Playful Critics also make Puzzles and Music, these are not made with recyclable materials but very cute. 

Playful Critics also makes plush book markers!  These are so cute and make great Stocking Stuffer ideas.  ($3.50 average value)

I absolutely love our Globe Bear and for see having to get anther 3 for the other kids.  While my family does a great job at sharing, Kirsten holds pretty tight to her bear now.  Taking responsibility for our earth and its resources is important, but why not having some fun teaching our children to be good stewards!  This bear will make a perfect gift for your little ones!  I am going to be giving one away to a lucky reader in a upcoming giveaway starting tomorrow!  Be sure to stop back by.  Giveaway open to US only. 

Disclaimer:  I am not paid for my reviews.  I was given the item above to review and a future giveaway.  I enjoy living a green life and like to bring my readers companies that are passionate about living natural and clean. 


  1. What a cute little bear. Every little kid needs some type of bear.

  2. Awwww....he's so cute! And he helps our little ones learn geography. Great product!