Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Videos from the GMO Library

Enjoy this 4 minute fully animated piece on GMO and labeling, combining all five Non-GMO Theater sequences produced by Jeff Bigman.  While this is an animation it can be considered graphic and not funny.  This is an important topic that we are trying to put into terms for people of all walks of life.  When you see the videos it kind puts into place asking questions.  This is what we want is for you and your friends to ask questions and know whats in your food.  You have a right to know! 

Disclaimer:  This information is here for readers to hear all sides of the spectrum.  There are two sides to the story and I only wish to provide my readers with information to help them make their own decisions.  Food is a Freedom.  We have a right to know all the information and be allowed to make decisions that best fit our families.  

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