Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aurorae Synergy Mat and Towel Review and Giveaway

I love being an active person.  I find that my health and emotions are better balanced when I am active.  This last month I have been writing more about my running, and how much I was challenged and become a lover of the sport.  I wanted to take this time to tell you about one of my helpful tools for staying injury free and recovery. 
When you run you get a lot of tight muscles and soreness, depending on the type of training you are doing.  I was running almost every day, between short and long runs.  The one muscle I found affected the most was my calve muscles.  At times this was a hard muscle to stretch, but Yoga was able to get all the muscles loosen up for me.   
I was sent the Aurorae "Synergy" Yoga Mat-Towel Combination and Aurorae Micro-Fiber Sport/Yoga Towel, from Aurorae.  I have one of their regular mats, which I loved, until I tried their Synergy mat! 
I started using the Mat  and Towel in December, and continued through the beginning of this year.  It was a huge stress reliever for me to do Yoga on, and I found it easy to carry around on my travels.  Because the mat is machine washable, I wanted to put it to the test and run it till it needed a good washing.  The washing instructions are easy and the mat came out just a beautiful as when received it. 
One side has a regular mat fiber and the other is a fabric texture, a “Lush Skidless Microfiber Towel Top Surface”.  I love how the mat never moved whether on tile or carpet, and the softer side kept my hands from slipping, even when I was sweating.  Pretty much, the more you sweat the better you grip.  I used it for my floor exercises too.  When doing crunches I felt better support for my lower back and bottom.  My husband enjoyed using it for his crunches, and he noticed a huge difference in support and comfort.  In the features you will see this mat is a little more cushioned.

No Longer the need to buy two products, a mat and a skidless towel. No Slipping, No Bunching or movement of a separate towel on top of your mat during your practice. Great for Hot Yoga practices, Ashtanga, Bikram etc. The more you sweat the better the grip.”
I find yoga helps to relax the mind and the body, but for me this past month it helps me stay injury free.  Stretching and releasing toxins that where building up in my sore muscles.  The Mat and Towel was a daily companion, whether I did a few minutes of my normal 5 basic moves, or an hour long stretch and detox session.  The mat was the most comfortable I have used by far, and I enjoyed learning how to use a towel during my workouts.  I was not sure I would use the towel much, but was so glad to try it out.  It was a wonderful tool to have that was easy to carry along and have a to dry off with.  I used it to help give extra grip on the mat and in a few stretching moves.  It is super soft and I can’t tell you how much I love the color, it makes me smile every time I use it.
Features of the Towel                                                                                                 
Super Absorbent-to help wipe away perspiration
Lush light weight super soft comfort and easy to carry
Machine washable- which was very convent and a must
Provides additional slip free surface for yoga

Mat Features
No odor, durable, and long lasting
72” Extra-long to fit ALL sizes
Light and easy to carry
Lush microfiber towel top surface
Ultra thick for comfort and protecting your joints**
Machine washable!!!!
SGS tested, approved ECO-friendly, and safe
FREE from phthates, latex, and silicone
From the Owner
"I started this yoga company from the passion I developed for yoga over the past ten years. Being a cancer survivor since 2001, I needed an outlet in my life to help build my body as well as develop inner peace for my mind. Yoga has helped accomplish both of these goals for me while also making many new friends and energizing me with a positive and balanced attitude toward life."
I was given one Synergy Mat to giveaway!  Awesome right!  Please head over to their Facebook page and tell them THANK YOU for this awesome chance to win my favorite Mat!
The Giveaway will run for two weeks and end on 3/27th.  The winner will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to reply with shipping information, NO PO BOXES.  US ONLY.
Good Luck!
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  1. I would love to win because I need a new mat that's easy to clean and Aurorae is machine-washable!

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