Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting Kids Involved in Running

One thing I love about Running, it that it is a sport that you can continue with after school and into adulthood.  As a teen I played softball, volleyball, and was a cheerleader. During College I played Softball a bit, but nothing as a continued weekly thing.  Maybe this is a problem we face as adults.  We eat a certain way growing, changing, and playing sports, and then we are no longer as active and start gaining weight. 

My son has played a few sports and enjoys being outside and active.  Since my husband and I started running, the kids have been excited to join us and wanted to start doing some races with us.  We love races and my husband and I take turns with who runs and who supports at the finish line with the kids.  The kids are our biggest fans, and always so cheerful. 

I am happy and proud to say this Saturday was my son’s first official race.  We ran the one mile Family run together and he was 3rd in the kids his age, while my husband ran the 10K.  Michael had a blast and we are starting to plan for a 5K next. 

I love that Running is a sport he can continue even after school.  I want to teach my children to eat right, have a balanced lifestyle, and to be physically active.  I want them to have an inheritance of Health. 

The girls were so excited to cheer on Michael that they have asked to be in the next family race.  I guess we are now a family of runners. 

It was Cold and Rainy, but we still had fun! 

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  1. I love that it's a family thing, we struggle to find a common ground between us.