Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Sacred Science DVD Review

In this Documentary, The Sacred Science, 8 people go into the Amazon for 30 days to find healing for their diseases.  
Type II Diabetes
Alcoholism and Depression
Parkinson's disease
Prostate Cancer
Breast Cancer  

Eight brave people leave everything behind to find answers, healing, and direction.  They left the comforts of their homes with enclosed walls, roofs, ability to eat what you want, do as you wish.  They are given a strict diet and the "shamans", medicine men, give them specific herbs and tinctures throughout their treatment. 

While going through this process some are quite negative and hold to their "conditions", even though they want to be helped, it’s hard for their minds to allow them to.  This is one of the main points I find inspiring in the movie, positive affirmations.  While the Shamans used certain wording, chants, or songs in conjunction with the herbs, some of the patients were open to healing right away.  

It was mentioned a few times that the 30 days where extremely hard for most of them.  There were bugs crawling throughout the cabins, the cabins where spaced out, and you could hear the wild life walking around you in the dark.  I believe the diet they were given was another very tough obstacle for them.  The herbal mixtures looked to be distasteful at times, and in the beginning attitudes were very negative. I mention this because once the patients focused on their inner balance they took to the treatments better.  You could see the transformations happening and see the change in health and it started with the inner struggles being let go. 

I hate when I am reading a book or waiting to watch a movie and someone tells me the ending, "No Spoiler Alerts Here"!  I am not going to tell you how everything ends, because I think this is a Documentary worth watching!  I think we rely too much on a quick fix to most health problems and this movie shows that there can be two avenues to health.  So often we are only given one way, and I don’t think every person needs to head off to the Amazon, but the majority of the people came back in better health and had been transformed.  This is an eye opener to natural approaches to health and wellness. 

To me the movie is very inspiring because, in society today, we tend to hold a lot of negative emotions, painful memories, horrible diets, and look for quick fixes.  While these people where in the jungle they had no distractions but to evaluate themselves, their thoughts, and focus on healing.  I absolutely believe the herbs and natural medicines used by the modern shamans helped greatly.  I wonder what would have happened if they stayed an additional 30 days.  To have the healing and change in just thirty days makes me wonder if some of these conditions could have been completely reversed.  

I think every person should watch this movie to understand there are more options than taking a pill. Changing our lives, diet, and way of thinking are just the first, but most important steps, to prolonging our lives and increasing our wellness.  Also, we need to make efforts to preserve and save the Rain Forest for who knows what we are destroying in those natural resources. 

Watch the Movie Trailer here.


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  1. This sounds really interesting! I am usually not one for documentaries, but the premise behind this is very intriguing.

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  3. Sounds very interesting. I love healing with herbs though.

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