Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wellness Wednesday Cleansing Foods for Moving Into Spring

We are gradually starting to make our way into spring.  This is one of my favorite times of year.  I love to watch as plants start to wake up and grow new leaves and flowers.  I love to listen as birds are becoming more active.  I love the warmth of the Sun on my skin. 

Lots of wonderful things are happening as the temperatures start to warm up, but changes are not just happening to the weather, but our bodies too.  Spring is a time of cleansing and new growth.  We need to clean our bodies of the winter foods we tend to eat and lighten up our meals.  During the winter months we gravitate towards richer heartier meals, Fats, Grains, and Proteins.  These are foods that create more warmth and energy during those cold winter months.  Now the seasons are changing and we too much change our food choices.  These are more bitter herbs, salads, light oil dressings, and cleaning foods. 

Herbs are foods that build the health of various body systems and use for more than just medicinal purposes that correct a specific problem.   At one time or another, herbs have been uses in salads, seasons, spices, dressings, and teas.  Knowing how to best use your herbs can improve health, taste, and diversity of a meal.  It is important to know that any herb can be a common plant used for everyday food choices.  When you use it for a certain body system you can increase health and wellness. 

Now that we are in spring you can use certain foods, herbs, and spices that naturally and slowly detoxify the body.
Cleansing Foods

The Urinary System is made up of the Kidneys, Bladder, Ureters, and Urethra.  These parts work together to remove toxins from the blood and maintain proper fluid balances in the body.  If the body is imbalanced, than the urinary system can affect the glandular and circulatory systems affecting reproductive organs, major blood vessels, and adrenal glands.  It is important to occasionally detox this System so it can perform all metabolic needs. 

These are a few simple herbs that, detox the Urinary System.   I add to teas to have a cleansing purpose and as a bonus taste great!

Citrus peel- decreases thickness of mucus and helps stimulate production of fluids. 
Ginger root- increases digestive juices and enzymes.  (Lowers cholesterol, blood sugars, and blood pressure.)
Cinnamon twig- increases digestive juices, increases blood circulation, relieves smooth muscle spasms, and increases urinary flow. 
Cucumber ,Asparagus, Parsley, and Cilantro also cleanse the Urinary System and push out toxins.  Try adding these to your salads, juices, and snacks for the next few weeks. 

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  1. Great info! Thanks for the post, I will have to stock up on these and start feeling cleaner!

  2. Yum, a citrus tea sounds really delicious. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  3. I love your wednesday wellness tips!

  4. This is perfect timing to find out about citrus peel because of how the pollen is affecting my sinuses. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the awesome information! I think I'm going to try some of the teas, they sound great.

  6. Love the info! Thanks for posting.

  7. Thanks for the useful information, I knew that ginger is mighty healthy but didn't know it helps cleanse the system, too.