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AZ Renaissance Festival 25th Anniversary

AZ Renaissance Festival 25th Anniversary.

This was our first year attending the festival and we had a blast.  The festival comes to Arizona only once a year, and attracts thousand people.

When you first enter the Festival you can stop by and Rent a costume for the day.  I would say that more than half of the people attending arrived with their own costumes, ready to step back in time. While inside the festival you will have plenty of items to select from to purchase for next years event.  It will be hard to leave with one.

You have a lot of shops that offer anything and everything you can possibly think of: Paintings, leather crafts, jewelry, head pieces, beer mugs, horns, bags, fossils, and so much more. 

I had my eye on a few costumes from the belly dancing outfits to the beer maids.  They had items to completely outfit my son from a Knight to a Pirate.  The girls found beautiful headpieces, fairy wings, wands, and so much more.  You can't help but get excited about the magic place that steps you back in time to the Renaissance. 

I told the girls to keep an eye out for the Fairy at the park.  My youngest spotted her right away, and we went up to say hi.  She was so sweet and gave each of the girls a fairy rock and dusted them with fairy dust. 

She was the most beautiful fairy I have ever seen.  Later that day we spotted by her shop and noticed she has books and calendars that would make amazing presents!

We were told that one of the new attractions this year was Pans Oasis.  We noticed the show was starting soon and made our way over.  Pan was so cool!  He totally fit the part and he made the statue come to life.  During the show she dances with water from her fingers.  The music and whole show is very calming and beautiful.
During the show Pan has a little trouble controlling the water.   He invites my son up to move the water and his ability to move the water was greater than Pans!  My son got a huge kick out of that.  This was one of the many awesome shows you want to make sure you see.

After Pans we went over to the Glass Blowing Demonstration!  That was educational and very exciting to see.  We saw start to finish how they make glass objects, like Vases, and how they design it.  This is a must see while you are there too.  Really you need to make an entire day at the festival and come ready to enjoy food, music, shows, rides, and dancing. 

Places of Interest.
Each Interest has events going from 10-5:30.  When you get to the Park be sure to grab a map and mark what shows you want to catch.  There are a few shows that repeat, and some that are a continued show.  The Joust Tournament has a show at 230pm and 500pm, where they fight to the death!  The two shows are not the same but a part 1 and 2.

Monk's Park- Gypsy Violinist, Gaelic Songs Stories, Hammer Dulcimer Duet, and more.
Middleshire Stage- Juggling Jokers, silly Songs of Counseling, Tairy Fales, Combustible Bagpipes, Jomeo and Rulit, and more.
The Falconer's Heath- Fire Whip show, Art of Falconry, Bagpipes for breakfast.
Rialton Stage- Family Circus, Fire Eating, Rope Walking, and more.
Meriment Stage- Comedy, Dance, and Gypsy Music, Sword Swallowing, and more.
Dancing Pig Pub- Belly Dancers**, Singing, and tales.
The Palace Theater-World Music and Dance, Don Juan and the Queen, and much more.
Teatro de le Rosa- Glass blowing, Hypnotist, and The Peasant Trial.
Boat House Stage- Tortuga Twins, Circus Stunts, Pirates, and sword fighting.
Royale Pavilion- Dancer's, Story time with the Queen, and Royal courts.
and MORE!!!!
There are plenty of rides for the kids along with a chance to ride a elephant, lama, or camel!
The shows are FREE but the rides all cost money.  There is also face painting, hair braiding, and henna tattooing, that you will want to grab cash for.  If you run out they do have an ATM on site.
See more Pictures of
The Belly Dancers and Musicians were amazing!  You could not help but move along with them, laugh, and cheer.  This show was one of my daughter's absolute favorites and hopes to see them every year!   Enjoy. If you can make it out this year, you will love them more up close and in person!
Park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm
Saturday and Sundays Only through March 31st!
Address: 12601 U.S. 60, Apache Junction, AZ 85118
Phone:(520) 463-2600

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