Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What is Wellness, The Four Dimensions of Inner Wellness

When you think of Wellness what comes to mind?  Is it healthy eating? Is it stress free? Is it freedom from disease?  Actually there are 4 Dimensions of Inner Wellness and they need to balance each other. 
Emotional Wellness

Requires you to understand your emotions and know how to cope with problems that come up in everyday life.  How do you handle changes, altercations, and stress?  Having a plan for these times help to balance and keep you from the negative health effects of stress.  Use positive affirmations, breathing techniques, and visuals of happiness to keep your emotions in a healthful state.

Spiritual Wellness

This is a state of harmony with one self and their surroundings.  This is a balance of inner needs with the demands of the rest of the world.  This is breathing and finding a connection with love, nature, people, and our creator.  If you can’t love beyond yourself and love yourself in balance, you can cause your spiritual wellness a sickness.  Anger, hatred, selfishness, self-loathing, envy, negativity, can all be signs of illness of the spirit.  Some of the ways I chose to have balance is through forgiveness and joy.  I like to take deep breaths and connect with my Heavenly Father, who created all that is around me, and think how I can make this better.  I cannot change the world, but I can be a positive effect on it, the only alternative is a negative and I refuse to do that. 
Intellectual Wellness

This involves allowing you to be open minded to new ideas and concepts.  I don’t mean following along with the latest fads or blindly following along with someone point of view.  This means seeking new experiences and challenges that you look into and have researched.  Recycling: finding out how to make changes that benefit the earth and your family.  Health: Looking into more natural ways to fight flues than the normal conventional methods.  Eco: Is Climate changes from man or naturally occurring.  This is my current Intellectual exercise.  I have an open mind to hear both sides of the discussion, do my own research, and make a moral decision on point of view.  Running has been a new experience for me that I have been shutting down for years.  It has been one of the most therapeutic experiences for me.  Without an open mind I would have missed out on that new outlook.  Look for areas in your life that could use a little Intellectual exercise and strengthening.  Knowledge is power. 
Occupational Wellness

This part is being able to enjoy what you are doing so you can earn a living and contribute to society.  This is important because some people literally hate their jobs and get physically sick from them.  Find peace in what you do that brings in money to buy food, provide shelter, and cloth your family.  If you cannot find peace and happiness you need to look into avenues to change that.  Whether you are in college, a Doctor, a secretary, construction worker, a librarian, a blogger, or _________( fill in your occupation), you contribute in that field!!  You face this position every day and if you are not happy, make changes to find that happiness.  I want to remind you that the “grass is not greener on the other side”.  Every job in life has its own ups and downs.  Don’t think any one position is better than your own, you make it what it is.  Do what you love and do it well!  You are important in whatever you do. 

The reason I wanted to explain this a little, is because so often our digestion and health is affected by our emotions, thoughts, work, stress, and the list goes on.  Balancing these four areas and keeping a positive outlook at yourself and your surrounding can improve your health.  Two of the biggest areas to be affected by stress and negativity is you digestion and your hormones.  You create a need for survival and send your hormones out of wake causing you to lose sleep, gain weight, and lower your immune system along with ageing faster.  If your digestion is out of balance than you don't absorb the good nutrients you are eating, and your body does not get the repair and building supplies needed for optimum health.  Your Inner Wellness will affect your diet and your body.  Find peace, balance, and happiness in all you do, think, and say, because your wellness starts with you. 
What are you doing for your Wellness today?  Has this given you something to think about? 
I would like to hear your thoughts.  Have a Blessed Day!
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  1. I agree that they all go hand in hand!

  2. I totally agree...I finally realized this a few months ago. Great post! Today I am going for a long walk with King .... it is 32 degrees and the sun is beautiful! Then later I am going to BINGO at church and laugh a lot and hopefully WIN!

  3. I have been trying really hard to be more active! This is a great post thank yoU!

  4. This is such a great post! Especially hard to do but awesome if you can get there!