Saturday, March 16, 2013

Turtle Tide Book Conservation Starts at Home

Turtle Tide by Stephen R. Swinburne
Saturday Family Conservation Reading.   
The way of the sea turtle, a delightful picture book that brings the life of a sea turtle up close.  
The story starts out with a female “mommy" turtle coming to shore to lay her eggs.  The book describes how she knew this shore from when she was born many years ago.  The story describes how she struggled to get to shore, and the hard work it took to paddle on land.  How she was very cautious about where is decided to make her nest and the work going into laying her eggs.  
Then the story goes into the many struggles the eggs face from other beach life like raccoons, birds, crabs, and such that are looking for food.  After about 65 days the eggs become hatchlings. They make their way to the surface and then have to make the dangerous journey to the shore.  They waste no time in making their way to the shoreline, but the birds and crabs quickly decrease the 100 hatchling to about 10. Once in the water the soft little turtles have fish, sharks, and others to lookout for.  Usually out of every nest only a handful make it to adulthood.  Then the same turtle makes their way back to the same beach where they were born many years later, 30, to start the cycle over again.  
This was a great discussion for us to see how many challenges these tiny turtles face to make it into the world.  The kids had thoughts to help the Turtles and make sure they make it to the shore, but I told them this is not allowed.  They have laws that say you cannot touch or interfere with the hatchling.  This is probably why so many eggs are laid because naturally so many do not make it.

This was a wonderful book to read to get ready for our trip to Sea World.  It was also very fitting that we read this book first because next week’s Turtle book talks about the many "Man Made" dangers Sea Turtles face.  You think they have it hard with their natural environment, wait until they have the added man dangers!  
We picked these books up at our local library and are available at Amazon.
Conservation is important and we can all do our part. 
Reading to our children about wildlife, nature, and conservation can spark a love for nature at an early age.
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  1. I love Sea Turtles! Have fun at Sea World! :)

  2. This would be a wonderful book for our kids. We live in the Sea Islands and there is a state park where turtles come to lay their eyes. Thanks for this.

  3. I love childrens books, this looks like a really cute one!

  4. This would be perfect for my kids before Hawaii