Friday, March 15, 2013

Going Green Living Friday Greenscaping and Green Business

Going Green Tip this week is Greenscaping!

What is Greenscaping? Greenscaping is simple changes you can do to save time, money, and protect the environment.  It is gardening with a conscious effort to minimize water, keep things natural, and the use of no chemicals.  It is making a natural oasis that can sustain itself, mostly.   How does it save money?  When you cut out chemicals you are saving money and when you reduce your water you save on your water bill!  You can Save time by using plants that are native and require less care.  Greenscaping protects the environment by conserving water, reducing land waste, and eliminating nasty chemicals. 
Here in Arizona we have a drier climate and we get very little seasons of rain, making water concern.  We have a automatic watering system to give the plants just enough without over watering.  Here we use the natural landscape and reserve our water.  I do use water to grow my garden, but I make sure to water during the morning and evening temperatures.  This allows the plants and roots to take on the most water before the heat evaporates it. 

Steps to a Greener Healthier Yard
  • Build and maintain a healthy soil- add your dried leaves, cutting, and compost back into the soil, enrich it naturally and create less waste.
  • Practice smart watering- whatever during the correct time of days, do not over water, and do not allow your water to pool and run off.  Over water is a complete waste of resources and money. 
  • Adopt a holistic approach to pest control- you can use pest deterrent plants and natural nontoxic solutions.
  • Use natural lawn care- everything you put in your yard will affect the soil and the water.  Try to not be drawn into all those commercials on chemical lawn care. 
  • Plant right for your State (site)- use native plants and reduce the demand, resources, and time that other plants demand when not native. 
Some areas may be too cold to start your garden maintenance but it's never too early to plan and make some changes to a greener yard. 

Be sure to check out some great ideas for enjoying Nature this weekend.  Here is a list of Tucson Events, some are FREE while others have a fee.  Not I Tucson, no problem!  You can check in your area for Bird watching events, Butterfly gardens, Botanical Gardens, Gardening Events, and Nature Walking, Hiking, and exploring.  Get to know your area and the Natural plant life and wildlife.  Help support those conserving and protecting it. 

Green Business Shout Out

If you have not heard of LVR than I have a treat for you!  They make fashionable, comfortable, Eco yoga clothing with limited impact on the environment! I love this company because they are very concerned with protecting the environment and the wildlife.
This Eco Friendly company also likes to give back through conservation.  In 2011 LVR partnered with ARCAS, which is an animal recue center in Guatemala.  Every month the company donates a portion of their revenue to the rescue center for rehabilitation and release of the wild animals.  Personally, I feel really good about wearing clothing that means so much more than comfort and style.  When I wear their clothing I know they are helping the environment, better for my skin, and helping to reach out and help with causes I support. 
See My Review Here
Please take the time to watch the short video below, and be happy that this company is helping in this cause through your purchases, WIN WIN!


  1. I will be starting my seedlings very shortly... a little later than I wanted though

  2. We are going to make our own compost area this year and add the compost to our garden. Thank you for sharing this post! :-)

  3. Is so important to not put any chemicals into our yard! Chemicals go right into our water source! Great post... :)

  4. Thanks so much! I will be starting on my yard next weekend!